Topic: Changes needed to achieve an Extranet

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Brief for changes needed to make Kete work well as an extranet

What is an Extranet

An Extranet is part intranet and part little private websites with clients, and part public website.

We have some resources which are available, and suitable for all clients to see - things like this spec for an Extranet, it seems entirely appropriate that any of our clients with an interest in an intranet or extranet might want to read up on what we're doing. It's also useful to have a public landing page for each client, basically repeating the info in our portfolio, so that our current clients can cruise around to get a rough idea of what others have done or are doing.

The bulk of the extranet however is private between Katipo Staff and Client Staff (or their agents). Briefs, quotes, unfinished designs, updates etc are all things that are private.

There is also some material that is private only to Katipo Staff - information on what to do when a new person starts, when they leave etc.

Changes Needed in Kete - Related Links

The latest verison of Kete is really close to providing the tools we need to make this work, but has one area that is a blocker at the moment.

Even when you're cruising around in private mode, you don't see the related links for private documents with their real titles, they all say "No Public Version Available" - which makes that feature effectively not work.

As soon as you get a few documents etc you just get a big list of "No Public Version's" and of course you don't know what any of them are, and it's another 2 clicks to find out.

It's a big old usability blocker unfortunatly to letting clients loose, and to us even using it ourselves in this way. We'd have to go back to just a private intranet so everything could be public.

Here's the example: Demo Project - look at the document links.