Topic: Using Kete as Katipo's Extranet

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In the spirit of "eating your own dogfood" we'd like to setup Kete to use it as the Katipo Extranet, consolidating our current gallery installs, Kea based intranet pages and wiki into it.

The current bucket site is actually 5 or more bits of software working together. We'd like to see if Kete can be used to reduce the bits of software we need to maintain, and to add better connectivity between the bits of information that are scattered about.


The Vision

The vision is that we have a system that enables us to group the various bits of project info, documents, pictures etc into coherant "stories" that is useful to both us and our clients.

Most of the info will be private between Katipo staff and the individual clients concerned, although we will have a little public info, much like we do on the Katipo website now so there is a landing place for clients.

We're hoping that we can get discussion and blog style updates going on some of the bigger projects, and it'll be the "hub" and "heart" of the projects.

We'll still need to have a ticket system, and the timesheeting system seperate as they seem quite outside the scope of Kete.


Current Software We Use

Public/Client Gallery on the Katipo website

In this gallery we have some public photos taken mostly by Rachel & other Katipo people of our Katipo trips, but also we have private albums for clients where they can review designs in progress and other graphics they need to see - sitemaps etc.

Private Gallery on the Bucket

In this gallery we have "work in progress" designs for clients that Katipo staff are sharing and commenting on. Items from the work in progress gallery get put into the client/public gallery when ready for viewing.

Bucket/Kea Client Info Pages

Pages about client projects with a bit of detail and some links to their sites and projects. Updated by Angela. People love it when these have a blog update type style, but is currently not much "incentive" to do it as is hard to make all the links to the gallery, quotes etc so tends not to happen. The content on these pages will form the "hubs" of the client baskets - ie the private homepage topics

Koha Document Manager

A previous "eat your own dogfood" experience, we put pdf's and other documents into our own copy of Koha. Is a bit clunky to do but is good once it's done. Clients though get no access to it, so would like this info to be added to clients baskets so that we all have access to quotes etc. The documents will need to be private of course.


This info has been moved to the Katipo Kete already, but is mostly technical info put in by the various sys admins etc. It's only available to Katipo Staff.